Aerobic Classes

Weekly Classes

All classes last for one hour and are $3 per visit or $25 for 10 visits.

  • Circuit Training (Monday at 9 AM)
    • Instructor: Karen Roberts
    • This class is designed to be easy to follow and accommodate various fitness levels.  Circuit training is short intervals of resistance exercises followed by short aerobic intervals to target strength building as well as muscular and aerobic endurance.
  • Golden Fit (Monday at 10:15 AM)

    • Instructor: Karen Roberts
    • This aerobics class is designed to focus on the fitness needs of men and women age 60+.
  • On the Ball (Wednesday at 9 AM)

    • Instructor: Karen Roberts
    • This class is designed around utilizing an exercise ball through strength training and aerobic fitness.  The use of the exercise ball promotes flexibility, coordination, motor skills, strength and balance.
  • Cardio Variation (Friday at 8:30 AM)

    • Instructor: Karen Roberts
    • This class will focus on aerobics exercise using different equipment and style.  Variety of classes will include cardio kick, step aerobics and lower body workout.
  • Total Body & Cardio (Tuesday & Thursday at 5 PM)

    • Instructor: Angel Welsh
    • Total Body & Cardio is a great workout for everyone with plenty of options available for all fitness levels.  This class includes a variety of pure cardio, agility, core, and strength training.
Child Care During Fitness Classes
9-11 AM
5-7 PM
9-11 AM
5-7 PM

Cost: $1 per child per visitor or $10 card for 12 visits