Eliza Broadus Week of Prayer for State Missions: September 10–17

Eliza Broadus Week of Prayer for State Missions
September 10–17

During the week of September 10–17, join Kentucky Baptists from all over to pray for state missions. A prayer guide will be given out on the 10th to assist you as you pray daily for the Lord to send and equip His people.

Each September, the Eliza Broadus Week of Prayer rolls around, and we begin to think about missions here in our own backyard of Kentucky. But who is Eliza Broadus, and why is there a week of prayer named in her honor?

Eliza Somerville Broadus was born in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1851. In 1877, after moving with her family to Louisville, Kentucky, Miss Broadus joined Walnut Street Baptist Church and became a member of the missionary society of that church. The following year, 1878, Kentucky formed a Central Committee and Miss Broadus was elected to serve on that committee as the representative from the Walnut Street society.

She continued to serve as an active member of Kentucky’s Central Committee, later known as the Executive Committee, until 1928, a period of 50 years. During that time she was chairman of the committee for 32 years and vice-chairman for nine years. When she resigned from the committee in 1928 she was made an honorary life member of the committee. In 1888, when Woman’s Missionary Union was organized in Richmond, Virginia, Miss Broadus was not present, but was nevertheless elected vice-president from Kentucky. She made valuable contributions to WMU work through her years of service both in Kentucky and in the work of national WMU.

One way we as a church contribute to the mission Eliza Broadus served so many years ago is through our giving. First Baptist Owensboro gives six percent of our total First On Mission offering to the Eliza Broadus Offering for State Missions each year. This offering is used to fund the Kentucky Baptist Convention, Missions Mobilization Team, Evangelism and Church Planting Team, the Kentucky WMU, missions education, leader development, Kentucky Changers, and so much more.

As of August 21st, First On Mission has received $62,400 in 2017. Our giving goal as a church for First On Mission is $215,000. Please pray about sacrificially giving to FOM in order to support missions locally, throughout the nation, and around the world.