New Wednesday Study: “Mastering Life Before It’s Too Late”

Beginning on January 10th, Pastor Paul will lead a new Wednesday evening study for adults. “Mastering Life Before It’s Too Late” is a study written by Robert J. Morgan intended to help you answer the question, “How do I gain mastery of my life before it’s too late?” This study will begin on Wednesday, January 10th and continue each Wednesday through March 21st, meeting in Room 250 at 6 PM. If you have questions, email Pastor Paul at [email protected].

Pastor Rob Morgan provides ten biblical patterns for pleasantly productive people, answering the question: How do I gain mastery of my life before it’s too late?

A lifelong student of the Bible, Rob Morgan has spent forty years learning about maximizing each day and becoming purposeful and productive. Now he has found a simple plan that works—featuring ten biblical principles that transcend human wisdom. These patterns can be implemented today whether you’re a student or an octagenarian, a novice or an executive, and help you develop a perpetually effective life. The ten patterns are:

1. Listen to a twelve-year-old: Be about your father’s business.
2. Redeem the time: Wasted hours can never be regained.
3. Clear the decks: God isn’t disorganized; why should we be?
4. Maximize the morning: Schedule a standing appointment with God.
5. Pull off at rest stops: Routinely replenish your inner resources.
6. Operate on yourself: Diagnose and treat yourself spiritually.
7. Live “As If”: Act by faith even when your emotions aren’t ready.
8. Bathe in the Dead Sea: Experience the buoyancy of biblical joy.
9. Practice the power of plodding: Persistently work in small increments.
10. Remember there are two of you: It’s Christ in you that’s achieving significance.

Based on actual Scriptures, this simple, yet hope-filled plan for mastering life before it’s too late will put you on the path toward a lifetime of success.