Name Tag Sunday

Name Tag Sunday: a great way for you to “put a name with the face” here at First Baptist Church!

One of the great challenges for churches with multiple services is finding a way for the church to get together. If you go to our early service you don’t often get to see those who go to the late service and vice versa. We are all part of the family we call First Baptist Church whether you attend at 8:30 or 11:00!

On August 13th, we will have Name Tag Sunday. The purpose is for us to get to know others who call First Baptist home. We will begin in the Fellowship Hall at 8:15 AM where you will pick up a name tag and have breakfast. As you enjoy breakfast, take time to fellowship with others and get to know some new folks. Sunday School will begin at 9 AM, so there will be plenty of time to visit with others you don’t often see. After Sunday school we will gather in the Sanctuary at 10 AM for one service. We realize it will be crowded, but we want everyone to stay for worship.

Name Tag Sunday Schedule
8:15 AM Breakfast in the Fellowship Hall
9:00 AM Sunday School
10:00 AM Combined Morning Worship Service