New Sunday School Classes Launching on November 12th

On November 12th, FBC is launching three new Sunday School classes. As a church, we are called to be “Making, Maturing, Multiplying”, and this most definitely exemplifies the multiplying aspect of that purpose! From time to time, the conversation will come up with people about starting a new group and so many are hesitant to “break up” or “leave” their current class, yet the leaders of these new groups have been so willing to step out in faith and seek to engage people in a new disciple-making effort. These leaders are all currently in a group on Sunday mornings, yet they see a need to make, mature, and multiply more! Praise God for His work in their lives.

These classes will all be gender specific in nature and will target a specific range of ages. Please keep in mind that these are geared toward those that are single and married. It might be the case that a spouse is serving in another area of the church during Sunday School and this would be a great fit. It might also be that a spouse is not currently coming for a variety of reasons and this class would be a great spot for you. Whatever the reason, please consider being part of one of these groups as they begin on November 12th. If you are already in a class and won’t be joining them, please be in prayer for them as they begin. Below is a list of the classes and their leaders.

Young Adult Women

  • Led by Cortney Inklebarger (Women in their 20s & 30s)
  • Meeting in classroom across from the church library

Young Adult Men

  • Led by Jeremy Shiflet and Kevin Young (Men in their 20s & 30s)
  • Meeting in classroom across from the church library

Intermediate Adult Women

  • Led by Amy Burgan and Jean Byrd (Women in their 30s & 40s)
  • Meeting in classroom on third floor directly across from the north elevator