Parenting Seminar | ApParent Privilege – February 24

Apparent Privilege will arm parents with Biblical understanding and up-to-the-minute research to show them the unparalleled opportunity they have to be the primary influence of their children. It will give parents a Biblical view of parenting, answer questions and concerns we all have, and help them understand how Christian parenting must become more than taking your children to church. Participants will receive the book ApParent Privelege(one per household).

“What does the Bible say about parenting?”
“How do I help my kids’ stand strong in their faith?”
“I take my kids to church. Is that enough?”
“Teach the Bible? I wouldn’t know where to start.”
“Do my children treasure Christ above all else?”
If you have asked these questions, this class is for you!

This class is open to parents with children of all ages in the home, as the biblical principles presented are applied to families with preschoolers, children, or youth.

Classes: February 24 & March 3,10, 17, 24 (5 sessions)
9:45am (During SS on Sunday mornings)
Location: Room 250 • Teacher: Wesley Dunn

Registration preferred by contacting Wesley at 270.683.3505
or [email protected]