The Gospel Goes to Work – Starting January 9

God’s Big Canvas of Calling and Renewal

by Dr. Stephen R. Graves

Join us every Wednesday for this 6 week class starting on January 9, 2018 at 6:00PM in Rm 250.

  • Wednesday, January 9
  • Wednesday, January 16
  • Wednesday, January 23
  • Wednesday, January 30
  • Wednesday, February 6
  • Wednesday, February 13

Work is core to our lives. And the gospel is core to our faith. In this Bible study, author and executive coach Stephen Graves introduces a fresh framework that explores not only how the gospel should shape our work but also how it could. 

Too often taking our faith into the workplace amounts to evangelism or moral responsibility. Although there is certainly nothing wrong with either practice, this study takes us further into our faith in such a way that we embody the gospel as a part of our work, office, home, or anywhere work may take us. 

This study employs a Four-Act Gospel: Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Renewal. Using this approach, we can be in the business of both helping individuals know Jesus and contributing to God’s mission of renewing the world. Applying the Four-Act Gospel to our work is captured in the Baseline (the lowest-common-denominator application of the gospel that is relevant to all workers) and the Blue Sky (individualized applications of the gospel to each person’s particular wiring and particular organizations). This framework helps us understand the reach, power, and intent of the gospel’s going to work. These are revolutionary insights, even for veterans of the faith. 

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