ApParent Privilege Classes Start February 16, 2020


You have the greatest privilege of your lives in front of you every day: raising your children. Pointing your children to Christ, modeling the Gospel, and talking about God’s grace shouldn’t be a burden. It is a privilege! ApParent Privilege (FBC’s Parenting Seminar) provides biblical understanding and the latest research to encourage you in the unparalleled opportunity you have to be the primary influencer of your children.

We understand the enormous responsibility that you have been given by the Lord to raise your children in His discipline and instruction (Ephesians 6:4); therefore, we want to come alongside you in the journey of making an eternal impact on their hearts and lives. We do not want to take the lead, but instead provide support, encouragement, and direction as you take the role of primary disciple-maker for them.

Some of you might feel like you have a lot of parenting time remaining with your children before they are out of the house. You may be thinking to yourself that you can procrastinate and get started on parenting biblically when they are a little older. We would warn you to make the best use of the time you have now, because the days are evil (Ephesians 5:16). Realize that the small influences made today will have great impact in the days ahead. Some of you might feel like you have missed out on your opportunity to parent well from a biblical standpoint and that it is too late to start now. You couldn’t be farther from the truth. Start now by parenting with conviction as the leader God has called you to be in the lives of your children. Repent to God and to them if you haven’t been parenting by God’s direction and standards, and commit to do so by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. What better presentation and model of the Gospel could your children observe than to see their parent(s) in a state of repentance and commitment?!!!

It is our prayer that the Lord would give you great courage and boldness in this endeavor. May heaven be filled with the souls of those who have become followers of Christ because of your new or renewed commitment to be a disciple-maker in the lives of your children!

This seminar is primarily targeted as an equipping session for those that will be involved in the upcoming Family Dedication service later in the semester. Even though it has that intention, it also serves as a great equipping time for parents that might have older children. As these sessions are taught, there is great care taken to apply the biblical principles for parents at all stages. We will be hosting this seminar over six weeks during the Sunday School hour at FBC. You may currently be part of a class and would hesitate to miss out on a little over a month of your group, but we would encourage you to take this brief step away in order to grow and be equipped in this specific area of the faith. We hope you will commit to join us for this great opportunity!

Classes are every Sunday starting February 16 – March 22, 2020.