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Sunday & Wednesday Activities

  • Weekly Schedule

    • Sunday
      8:30 AM
      12:00 PM
      Prayer Lunch
      9:45 AM
      Sunday School
      4:45 PM
      Family Supper
      11:00 AM

      6:00 PM
      Preschool, Youth,
      & Children’s Activities

      Watch our weekly Service on Channel 72, Tuesday at 7 PM or Wednesday at 9 AM. You can also listen on 90.3 FM, Sundays at 10 AM. Radio services are on a one week delay.

  • Preschool (0 – 5 Years)

    • Sunday School – Sundays at 9:45 AM
    • We have a wonderful preschool program here at First Baptist! Ages 0-5 yrs enjoy music, crafts, and Bible stories, all in our beautiful and secure preschool area! If you have any questions on programming or security, call 270.683.3505.
    • Worship for Life – Wednesdays at 6:00 PM

      Join us on Wednesday nights for an interactive study on the life of David. This is an hour of seeing God’s promises through worship and Bible stories. Classes are for ages 2-5 and childcare is provided the younger ones!

    • Where?
    • Preschool activities meet in the preschool area located on the second floor to the left of the Sanctuary. If you enter up the front steps (Third Street), turn left and keep walking until you reach the glassed in Preschool area.

  • Children (Kindergarten – 5th Grade)

    • Sunday School – Sundays at 9:45 AM

      Our Children’s Ministry exists for the purpose of helping children to know, love, and follow God with all their heart, soul, and strength. Each Sunday we learn music, Bible stories, and participate in fun activities to help your child learn about our great God! If you have any questions, contact our Children’s Minister, Suzie Horner, at [email protected] or 270.683.3505.

    • Awana – Wednesdays at 6:00 PM

      Awana reaches kids for Christ through fun, Scripture-rich experiences that lead them to know, love, and serve Him. We have fun activities, theme nights, music, and so much more!

    • Where?

    • Children’s activities meet on the Daviess Street side of the third floor. If you enter up the front steps (Third Street), take the elevator to your left to the third floor and turn left. Children’s Church is also provided during the 8:30 AM worship service for K-5th grades.
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    • Awana Calendar 2018-2019
    • Children’s Church Calendar
  • Students (6th – 12th Grade)
    • Our Student Ministry has students from 10 different schools and from many different backgrounds. Our goal is to provide a ministry that introduces students to Jesus Christ, assists them in growing deeper in their relationship with Him, and challenges them to go on mission for Him.

    • Sunday School – Sundays at 9:45 AM

      In Sunday School, we dig into scripture and learn more about the plan God has for our lives. Our teachers really love their students and want them all to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Bring a Bible if you have one, or we can provide you with one when you get here.

    • Youth Worship – Wednesdays at 6:00 PM

    • On Wednesdays, we have a little more fun! We worship through song with live music, hear from God’s Word, and sometimes play games or head over to CLC for volleyball. Anything can happen on a Wednesday night, so you definitely want to be here!

    • Where?

    • Youth activities meet in the youth area located in the basement. Enter through the main entrance.

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  • Adult

    • Sunday School – Sundays at 9:45 AM
    • Join us this Sunday morning to discover the depths of God’s love and purpose for you. Contact our Discipleship Minister, Wesley Dunn, to find your class or contact the church to discover all the options.
    • Need help getting around? A map of the building might be helpful.
    • Young Adult 1
      20s & 30s | Rm 243

      Young Adult 2
      20s & 30s | Rm 245

      Young Adult Men
      20s & 30s | Rm 242

      Young Adult Women
      20s & 30s | Rm 244

      Intermediate Adult 1
      20s – 40s | Rm 302

      Intermediate Adult 2
      20s – 40s | Rm 324

      Intermediate Adult 3
      20s – 40s | Rm 301

      Intermediate Adult 4
      20s – 40s | Rm 303

      Intermediate Adult Women
      20s – 40s | Rm 327

      Adult 4
      40s & 50s | Rm 330

      Adult 5 Explorers
      50+ | Rm 205

      Adult 5 Journey
      50+ | Rm 310

      Adult 5 Open Door
      50+ | Rm 207

      Adult 5 Path Finders
      50+ | Rm 308

      Adult 6 Koinonia (W)
      60+ | Rm 170

      Adult 6 Fellowship (M)
      60+ | Rm 204

      Adult 6 Beyond Belief
      60+ | Rm 105

      Adult 6 Martha Grace (W)
      70+ | Rm 162

      Adult 7 Beacon
      70+ | Rm 165

      Adult 7 Ushers (M)
      70+ | Rm 172

      Adult 7 Happy Hearts (W)
      70+ | Rm 163

      Adult 7 Service (W)
      70+ | Rm 161

      Trusting Hearts (W)
      All Ages | Rm 311

      Maverick (M)
      All Ages | Rm 152

      All Ages | Rm 305

      Ordinary Men (M)
      All Ages | Rm 307

    • Prayer Lunch – Wednesdays at Noon
    • Each Wednesday, our senior adults get together for lunch and prayer in our Fellowship Hall. Find our weekly menu at (new menu usually posted on Tuesday mornings).
    • The Fellowship Hall is located on the Daviess Street end of the basement. Take the back alley elevator to the ground floor and turn right. The Fellowship Hall will be on your left.
    • Family Supper – Wednesdays at 4:45 PM
    • We have a great kitchen staff that cooks a delicious meal for our church family each Wednesday. This is a great way to make getting your family home from work/school, getting them fed, and getting to church on time much simple. Just come eat and fellowship with us!
    • Find our weekly menu at (new menu usually posted on Tuesday mornings). The Fellowship Hall is located on the Daviess Street end of the basement. Take the back alley elevator to the ground floor and turn right. The Fellowship Hall will be on your left.
  • Music

    • Sanctuary Orchestra – Rehearse Wednesdays at 6:00 PM
    • We are blessed to have an amazing group of musicians here at First Baptist Owensboro! We have a place for all orchestra and band instruments: piccolos, saxophones, trombones, violins, you name it! Our orchestra plays about once a month and on special occasions in our 8:30 AM Traditional Service.
    • Sanctuary Choir – Rehearse Wednesdays at 7:00 PM
    • Each Sunday, our Sanctuary Choir leads us in worship in our 8:30 AM Traditional Service. We sing anything from classic hymns to contemporary choral arrangements. We have a great group of singers but can always use more!
    • Praise Band – Rehearse Thursdays at 5:15 PM
    • Our praise band leads worship each Sunday in our 11:00 AM Contemporary Service. We play modern worship music as well as updated arrangements of classic hymns. We are always in need of guitarists, drummers, and pianists. We play from chord charts, so you don’t have to read sheet music to participate! Band positions are usually on rotation, so if you could play as much as you want or just every now and then.
    • If you are interested in any of these groups, contact our Music Minister, Derry Billingsley, at [email protected] or 270.683.3505.

Bible Studies & Prayer Groups

  • Weekly Studies
    • Early Risers (M) – Tuesdays at 6 AM
      “Men Who Meet to Eat & Study God’s Word”

      Jo Nelson’s Bible Study (W) – 2nd Tuesday at 9:30 AM
      This group study is directed to knowing more about the truths of God that pertain to life’s needs in today’s world. Women of all ages are welcome to join this group for Bible study and refreshments! Our study is led by a different lady each month and meets in the Parlor of the Christian Life Center.

  • Prayer Groups
    • Seekers Prayer Group (W) – 1st & 3rd Monday Each Month at 6 PM
      Join this group of women as they lift up prayers to the Lord. This group meets the first and third Monday of each month and is led by Lee Waldroup. Seekers meets in multiple locations. Contact the church office at 270-683-3505 for information on where Seekers will be meeting on a particular week.