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Deacon Qualifications

He is full of the Holy Spirit (Acts 6:3,5)

Such men are spiritually minded and submis-sive to God’s leadership. 

He is full of wisdom (Acts 6:3)

Such men have spiritual knowledge and understanding that provide sound direction for the ministry of the church. 

He is also full of faith (Acts 6:5)

Spiritual men walk by faith and not by sight because they know and trust the God of the Word and believe in the Word of God. 

He has a good reputation (Acts 6:3)

Such a man demonstrates integrity and honesty to others. He has a believable Christian life. 

This man should be grave or dignified and worthy of respect (1 Tim. 3:8)

Such a man faces life seriously and there is a certain stateliness about him that commands re-spect. 

He is a man who is not double-tongued, but is sincere in his speech (1 Tim. 3:8)

Such a man should speak with verbal honesty and integrity, not saying one thing to one person and something else to another. 

This man abstains from the use of addictive drugs for other than medicinal purposes, and from the sale and use of alcoholic beverages (1 Tim. 3:8).

He realizes the importance of his Christian influence and is willing to limit his liberty for the sake of others. 

He is not a greedy person (1 Tim. 3:8)

Such a man is free from the love of money and other earthly possessions. 

This man has a deep Biblical commitment (1 Tim. 3:9)

This man holds to the truths of the Christian faith with a clear conscience. He is not easily swayed from the truth because he strives to live what he knows. 

He must first be tested and proven (1 Tim. 3:10)

This man must have proven over time that he is faithful and that his walk is credible. 

He must also be beyond reproach and blameless (1 Tim. 3:10)

Such a man must dis-play a life-style free from continual patterns of Scriptural disobedience. There should be nothing in his life for which he could be accused and thus disqualified.