DEACON QUALIFICATIONS The office of deacon is one of ministry and service to Jesus Christ through His church. Any other understanding of this office does disservice to the New Testament record. This is not an office or position given to someone to honor him. To be eligible for this respected position, a deacon must have been a member of this church at least one year, be male over 25 years…

First Christmas

What Child Is This?Sunday, December 13, 2020During both the 8:30AM & 10:30AM Worship Services.

Frances Horner completing her ministry. She has done a terrific job in loving and ministering to our Preschool and their families. THANK YOU!

Global Hunger

The Kentucky Baptist Convention in partnership with Global Hunger Relief is involved in relieving hunger locally, nationally and internationally in many different ways, from providing meals and groceries to hungry families to participating in famine and drought relief.Did you know ...that 17% of Kentuckians are food-insecure, including 222,380 childrenKentucky Baptists hunger relief ministries provided 229,000 meals last yearPhysical hunger is very real and so is spiritual starvation. For those hunger…